Tweet to Article

Part 1: Tweet

How will racism be tackled in the future? Strauss explains cons of colorblindness & how we can talk to our kids about race positively.


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Strauss, Valerie. “The Danger of Teaching Children to Be ‘colorblind’.” Washington Post. The Washington Post, 30 Mar. 2016. Web. 25 Oct. 2016. <>.

Part 2: Article

Climate Change is Creating Desertification?

By Sharon Fung

Climate change has been a major concern for the past century, but the world’s leading nations have done little to establish greener environments. This is unfortunate, because climate change is caused predominantly by developed countries, such as the United States, but most of the damage has been inflicted upon less developed countries. Author and journalist Charles P. Pierce discovered a pattern of desertification in locations hit the hardest by Mother Nature. The tropical island of Madagascar and the northern region of China have both been desertified as a result of the growing climate change crisis (Pierce).

The term ‘ecological migration’ has been created in reference to the Chinese families moving away from their homes due to the desertification in their dry animal-grazing environment. At least in China, they are migrating to a better place (hopefully). The tropical land of Madagascar is well known in the cinematic industry for washing up zoo animals on shore, but what do we know about the people who live there? According to the Huffington Post, the people of Madagascar have been suffering a three year drought due to the effects of climate change. The drought has made food scarce, creating a potential famine (Mosbergen).

The small but growing depopulation of countries concerns everyone. People all over the world are facing the consequences of climate change. Although the United States has not felt the severity yet, learning from these unfortunate places will prepare us for the murky future we may soon see.


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Part 3: Reflection

This assignment was challenging for me, because I had to write in two very different tones. A tweet is short and concise, but there is still a casual tone to it, as it is written in the form of social media. Writing the news article was even more challenging because I had to figure out the inverted pyramid structure. The first paragraph was easiest to write, but afterwards, I wasn’t sure what more I could say. Balancing between my ideas and those of a different source was another challenge. The weekly blog posts we have been writing are very similar to the writing style of a news article, so using that as my guide was helpful! Overall, this assignment was somewhat difficult to grasp but interesting to do!


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