Final Project Reflection on Other Groups’ Work

Group 1: Immigration Jeopardy

The first thing that caught my eye was the vegetable theme. The animations were adorable, so it was unfortunate that the game wasn’t functioning well. That was also why I was surprised to find out the theme of the game was immigration. For me, the most exciting part of the presentation was being assigned into teams of vegetables. Although I have little knowledge on the topic of immigration, the fun energy of the group helped me engage with the game. They presented a variety of components, so I learned a lot more about immigration policies and statistics within the United States and also internationally.

Group 2: Housing Crisis Zine

This group made a unique zine about Portland’s housing crisis. I was glad they provided several copies for the class to see, because the pages in the zine helped me follow along with what they were saying during their presentation. It was really impressive! The hand drawn illustrations were creative and made me feel like I was reading an artifact from a museum. The zine had a lot of content, including graphs, the historical background of housing, local news (measures in Portland), and even a correlation with Joe Sacco. I liked how they even thought of a solution for this crisis. This was a great topic to work with, because Portland is indeed having a problem with homelessness.

Group 3: Exercise Board Game

The color-coded board was the first thing that caught my eye, especially because of the neon colors. I was surprised to see how simple the board game looked! I was even more impressed with how well they were able to engage with their audience, because the objective of the game was to exercise. For me, it was both fun and shameful to watch while I ate sour patch candy with my group. The game contained many exercises to do, such as push ups, wall sits, and planks. Overall, it was a simple and fun game with a positive message: to keep people active.

Group 4: Wheel of Fortune – Bullying Theme

This group targeted bullying with their own version of Wheel of Fortune. The concept was pretty similar, except the cards were questions specifically about bullying. There were true and false cards and general questions about bullying. There were questions on the various forms of bullying, such as cyber bullying. I think this is a great way to get people talking about bullying. It can be an uncomfortable conversation to have, but by using a popular game like Wheel of Fortune, anyone can play it and have fun. Those who have been bullied can connect with the game, and those who have bullied can learn from the game. I’m sure many of us have been on both sides of this coin.

Group 5: Food Scarcity Podcast

I was both surprised and excited to hear that this group’s topic was also food security. It was interesting to examine this issue in multiple formats (podcast and board game). The podcast covered a more local lens on food insecurity, which is a great way to help low-income students who are looking for food resources on campus. They interviewed several people, including reps from the PSU Food Pantry. I volunteered at the pantry last year for a FRINQ project, so it was nice to hear from them. I liked that they divided the interviews evenly, so that everyone could be a part of the podcast. They all sounded very professional, and the audio was clear. I’ve heard a few podcasts before, and I thought this group did a nice job with theirs.

Group 6: Political Roleplaying Game

This game was thought out extremely well. There were so many details and scenarios offering a critical look at surviving in a world run by Donald Trump. It was scarily realistic. The structure of the game revolved around five events, all of which impacted each character’s life. It even reminded me of the Hunger Games. I admired how detailed the character backgrounds were; each one had specific health, credit, and sexuality. Making all of these components matter in terms of how well one does in the game is a smart move, because in reality, these things do determine how someone’s life may go. Although I wasn’t a player in the game, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it run its course.


One thought on “Final Project Reflection on Other Groups’ Work

  1. excellent job with your reflections on the other groups. Everyone was so creative! Some formats work better than others given the time frame that we have in class, but I felt that everyone did great even so!

    I am glad to hear that you volunteered at the PSU Food Pantry. That is so wonderful, and I know they need the help. I also thought the RPG game was amazing. And surprisingly easy to play. When they first started talking about it, I was a bit worried that they bit off more then they could chew, but they rocked it!



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